If you’re looking for a more dazzling smile, you should definitely consider laser teeth whitening in Castle Rock. Studies have shown that the procedure is perfectly safe in terms of long-term dental health, and it’s 100 percent pain-free. So if you’re sold, here’s what you can expect from your first visit. 

Laser teeth whitening pre treatment

Before you’re ready for your first laser teeth whitening, the dental hygienist will give your teeth a thorough cleaning. They will also look closely to make sure any existing cavities are treated and filled so that the whitening solution doesn’t creep into the tooth interior. Sometimes these sessions can cause tooth sensitivity for a very short time—24 to 48 hours, tops. 

Prep for whitening

Once your teeth are clean, you will lay back in the dental chair and the dentist will use a guard to hold your mouth open and place a barrier on your gums to protect them from the laser. A whitening compound will then be applied on the surface of your teeth. They will then use a small laser to activate the compound.  

What to know after laser teeth whitening

Once the laser has activated the compound, the dentist will leave the compound on the surface of your teeth for a few more minutes. After that time passes, they will remove the compound using a suction tool. This process could be repeated up to three times in order to achieve the preferred level of whitening. 

How often can it be done

The process of laser whitening teeth isn’t permanent. Foods and drinks that are part of our everyday lives will create new stains in time. You may need to visit the dentist again for another whitening treatment as soon as six months after your first, or with any luck, in a few year’s time.