In modern society, natural teeth don’t often last a lifetime. And many people have to consider alternatives by the time they reach middle age. If you’ve been struggling with your oral health, it could be time to consider an alternative. Are you experiencing any of these signs that it might be time for dentures.

Toothaches could mean dentures are needed 

If you have severe and persistent toothaches, the time might be approaching that you may want to consider dentures. Toothaches mean that a tooth has decayed to a point that the nerve is exposed. A dentist might be able to perform a root canal if the tooth isn’t too far gone, but if it’s occurring in several teeth, the better option might be dentures.  

If you experience swelling in your gums

If you experience any redness or swelling in your gums it’s probably a good time to talk to your dentist about dentures. This redness and swelling is probably indicative of an underlying infection or even gum disease. These situations can lead to tooth loss, so it’s better to get ahead of it and choose the best option for your oral health.   

Loose or missing teeth could mean dentures 

If you already have loose, broken, or missing teeth, your quality of life could improve with dentures. Loose, broken, and missing teeth make it hard to eat and drink. A nutritious diet is key to keep us healthy long term. Don’t let broken or missing teeth get in the way of your overall health and well being.   

You have options with dentures

Dentists usually consider several different options for dentures depending on your specific case. Partial dentures replace just a part of your teeth that might be missing or need to be removed. Immediate dentures can be made to replace any teeth that must be removed. And full conventional dentures are the type that replace your entire set of teeth. And instead of dentures, you might also consider dental implants which are a permanent set of teeth implanted in the bone.