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Teeth Whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening at Glow: in-office and at-home. Both are professional methods designed to improve the appearance and make your teeth many shades whiter. We want to be your choice for laser teeth whitening, tooth bleaching, and teeth cleaning in Castle Rock, so give us a call today!

In-office whitening is fast and includes the use of bleach and UV lights. With at-home whitening, you can get similar results using a dentist-provided kit. Dr. Sharp must first create custom mouth trays for your home whitening treatment. To use them, simply fill them with the professional-grade whitening gel we provide and place the trays over both your top and bottom teeth. You will need to wear the trays for a set period of time every day for roughly two weeks to complete the treatment, but you should start to notice a difference after just a few days!