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Emergency Dental Care

As an emergency dentist in Castle Rock CO, our staff at Glow Comprehensive Dentistry understands that treatment just cannot wait when dealing with a dental emergency. If you’ve chipped, broken, cracked, or knocked out a tooth, you need immediate dental care to repair any damage and to prevent further complications from developing. Glow Comprehensive Dentistry offers same-day emergency dental care appointments. Dr. Sharp knows just how jarring oral trauma can be to a patient’s daily routine, and the unneeded stress damage to your smile can cause over your appearance. Our staff will help reduce the stress caused by your dental emergency by providing the quick and careful attention you need.

If you need a 24 hr emergency dentist in Castle Rock, call the Castle Rock dental office of Dr. Sharp today! At Glow Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer a range of emergency dental care services that include:

Broken or Loose Fillings
If you experience discomfort or pain when eating or something feels different or off when chewing, you may have developed a broken, loose, or dislodged dental filling. Even though most dental fillings will last for many years, the wear and tear related to daily usage can cause any dental filling to unexpectedly fail.

If you suspect something has gone wrong with your oral health, or you need urgent tooth care in Castle Rock, schedule an appointment with our Castle Rock dentists at Glow Comprehensive Dentistry. Depending on the severity of the damage, Dr. Sharp may attempt to repair the problem by:

  • Repairing the area of the filling that’s damaged
  • Placing a temporary filling until a more lasting filling can be placed
  • Removing any debris from the broken filling that remains in the cavity
  • Placing a new filling that will restore oral function
  • Discussing the possibility of a more in-depth restoration like an implant, crown, or bridge

As part of your emergency dental exam, our staff will take digital x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or decay your tooth has suffered. The x-rays will also help Dr. Sharp determine whether an infection has developed and spread from the broken cavity.

If you’ve suffered a broken or loose filling, don’t wait to seek medical treatment. Lookup emergency dental clinics in my area to find the best clinic in your area. The delicate interior nerve of a tooth is highly susceptible to oral bacteria. Harmful oral bacteria can infect the nerve tissue and cause advanced decay that could result in tooth loss.

Broken or Chipped Teeth
Tooth enamel provides your teeth with the resiliency needed to survive a lifetime of munching, crunching, gnashing, and tearing. Despite tooth enamel’s strength and durability, the mineral does have a limit to the amount of stress and strain it can handle. Experiencing facial trauma through a blow to the jaw or just by biting down on something hard can cause a tooth to break or chip, especially if your teeth have already been weakened by the effects of tooth decay. If you experience a broken or chipped tooth, stay calm. Our Castle Rock emergency dentists can provide urgent dental care in Castle Rock to repair any damage and restore your tooth back to health.

If you chip, crack or break a tooth, you need to immediately schedule a visit with our staff at Glow Comprehensive Dentistry. Failing to receive immediate treatment could allow the damage to worsen, leading to an infection that may result in permanent tooth loss. Treatment for a broken or chipped tooth depends on the severity of the damage. Extreme cases may require extensive repairs, while a small chip or crack may be repairable with the use of dental bonding or with a filling. In some cases, you might need an emergency tooth extraction in Castle Rock.

Dental Abscess
An infection of the mouth, face, jaw, or throat, a dental abscess starts off as a simple infection of a tooth before developing into a significant threat to your oral and overall health. A dental abscess may start as the result of a deep-rooted cavity or due to recent dental work. Poor oral health, however, is the most likely cause of a dental abscess. Failing to practice quality oral hygiene can lead to the development of gum disease and tooth decay, which increases a patient’s risk of oral infection.

Dental abscesses require immediate attention and could prove life-threatening if the infection should spread to your brain. Abscesses generally appear as a lump or swelling along the gum line. As the abscess begins filling with bile, the affected area will become tender and can cause discomfort or pain when pressure is applied. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of a dental abscess you need to schedule a consultation with us, our emergency dentist is open 24 hours in Castle Rock.


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