Project Description



Crowns, which are also called caps, are used as a protection for decayed teeth or teeth that have been fractured. A crown covers your damaged tooth and brings it back to its original size and shape. During a crown procedure, the original tooth is cleaned of decay and an impression is made to create a model of the original tooth. A crown is then generated at a lab to be cemented onto the surface of the remaining tooth. Crowns are usually made out of tooth colored porcelain. Glow Comprehensive Dentistry is a great choice for dental crowns in Castle Rock, Colorado, so contact us today to get started!

Crowns are very strong which helps to protect the remaining tooth that lies beneath. If the crown is done by a highly skilled dentist, it will fit perfectly and reduce the seams between the new crown and the tooth. This is important to reduce the likelihood of decay under the crown.

If crowns are done in a timely matter and before the underlying tooth fractures, you can usually avoid an expensive root canal. With the use of a crown, you can also avoid the possibility of fracturing your tooth, which could result in the need for the tooth to be removed and replaced with an implant or bridge.