How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Dental fillings have been around for over 50 years. It’s a way to fill a decaying hole (cavity) in your tooth and to prevent further damage. But as beneficial as they can be, fillings still make most people cringe. Luckily, with the scientific knowledge that has evolved over the years, we can effectively have a filling that will last a fairly long time. However, there are some cases when you need a replacement or to get it refilled. Let’s take a look at how long your dental fillings can last before you’ll need to get in touch with a dentist who specializes in dental fillings Castle Rock.

Types of Dental Fillings

Nowadays, you can find a variety of dental filling materials. Gold, porcelain, silver, and even composite resin fillings have been known to be used. While you have a variety to choose from, the type of dental fillings you need will be determined by the extent of the decay and the location. Other factors include financial and insurance coverage as well. Castle Rock dentistry can help make the appropriate decision based on your specific needs. They are the experts and will only suggest what is absolutely necessary.

Cracking the Case: How Do I Know If I Need A Filling / Replacement?

Other than the obvious toothache, there are other signs that aren’t as noticeable but are definitely worth paying attention to. Do you find that your food gets stuck between crevices? While this is a common issue with everyone, if you find that this is a frequent occurrence with certain teeth, and you find yourself struggling to get it out, this could mean that the food is getting stuck in a cavity spot. Sharp or throbbing pain can also indicate you have a cavity. If you’re biting down or chewing your food and noticing a quick sharp pain or a constant throbbing pain, you’ll need to get it looked at to prevent further damage. Do you notice a fractured or chipped tooth? Perhaps dark spots on your tooth? Chipped teeth or fractured teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria, resulting in cavities. Perhaps it’s not the flossing string that’s poorly made after all that causes the string to tear each time. Floss string that tears every time you floss can be an indication of a broken or chipped tooth. Lastly, and most common, is that perhaps there’s damage to a previous filling. This particular damage can happen at any time, such as grinding your teeth at night or even while chewing hard candy.

How Long Do They Last?

In short, dental fillings can last up to 15 years. Of course, this depends on the person’s lifestyle, the kind of filling they have, and why they needed fillings to begin with. Glass ionomer fillings can last up to 5 years. These fillings are temporary and are mainly used for baby teeth and to prevent decay around the gum lines. Amalgam fillings are the most widely-used and well-known and they can last up to 15 years. Amalgam fillings are  a mixture of metals and powders that you recognize as a dark silver color in your tooth. Ceramic fillings have also been known to last for 15 years, and they are known to last even longer than metal amalgams. These are highly durable fillings that can restore strength to your tooth. And lastly, there are composite fillings, which are made from a composite resin that includes very fine plastic and glass and is used as an alternative to amalgams. These fillings last for 7 years.

Toothaches can happen all the time, but they usually go away when you switch out foods and beverages and even toothpastes. However, if you are noticing tooth sensitivity to certain foods such as sour and sweet, or even hot and cold foods, you will need to get it looked at by your dental fillings Castle Rock dentist at Glow Dentistry. We offer the best care and the solutions to ensure your fillings last for years to come. Call us today!