You take care of your teeth as much as you can, by brushing regularly and flossing when needed. Tooth decay prevention requires a diet and lifestyle change as a consistent measure. From chewing gum to drinking coffee, our teeth may need a little more than just brushing every once in a while. Teeth whitening strips are all the rage nowadays, and you can pick them up at practically any grocery or convenience store. But are they worth it? Will they actually whiten teeth, or just strip the enamel?

The Teeth Whitening Truth

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have a whiter, brighter smile. We’re willing to use high market brands to get the effect we want. But do we actually know what these teeth whitening strips do, or what they are composed of?

Teeth whitening strips are coated with a combination of bleach and peroxide that is capable of restoring teeth to their natural color. These strips stay on your teeth for hours, sometimes overnight, and usually come in a set. They’re easy to use and you can start to see a significant difference after a week or two. It’s a low-cost, low maintenance way of whitening your teeth at home. You can find many brands that are jumping on the bandwagon of teeth whitening. You can also find many options at your local teeth whitening Castle Rock dentist office before you buy an off-the-shelf brand. The biggest difference in off-the-shelf brand versus your local dentist is the personal care you deserve when you seek the help of a qualified professional.

There are many factors as to why tooth discoloration occurs. As you age, the enamel wears away and exposes the yellow dentin. Genetics are another reason for tooth discoloration. Poor dental hygiene, as well as food, drinks and tobacco use cause staining. Certain diseases and treatments can also cause yellowing on your teeth. Treatments and medications, such as chemotherapy and antibiotics, cause a discoloration of the enamel. Believe it or not, mouth trauma, such as when kids get hurt in sports, can disrupt the enamel formation. Such impact causes a decrease in blood flow to the tooth.

Having whiter teeth is something we all care about and all struggle with at some point. The best way to combat discoloration is to contact your teeth whitening Castle Rock dentist.

Does Whitening Damage Teeth?

Great news! When done correctly, your teeth whitening treatment will not damage your teeth or tooth enamel. Denton is responsible for the portion of your teeth’s natural color. When your dentist coats your tooth surface with a whitening solution, it will make its way through the enamel to the dentin and lighten the stained tissue beneath. It is a simple process that has long lasting results, when post preventative measures are taken.

Whether you’re looking at the drugstore version of teeth whitening or you’re looking to your local dentist office, it’s important to take preventative measures to keep discoloration from coming back. Try to avoid sugary and acidic fruits and soft drinks. These foods and beverages contain high levels of acid, which strips away the enamel. Eating starchy foods can actually increase the amount of acid as well. Drink adequate amounts of water to keep hydrated, and only take medications when necessary.

Have you considered getting your teeth whitened lightly? Before you pick up those drugstore whitening strips, contact the professionals at Glow Dentistry. Our services include cosmetic, preventative, and restoration dentistry, so you can live happier and confident in your smile. Contact us today for an appointment.