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7 Tips for Avoiding Urgent Dental Care


No one likes a trip to the doctor’s, let alone a trip to the emergency room. While there are some things that are out of our control, let’s be honest. We can all practice better health care to avoid certain emergency situations. Taking care of your teeth is a healthy habit, and should be included [...]

7 Tips for Avoiding Urgent Dental Care2022-06-02T18:59:08+00:00

Does Whitening Damage Teeth?


You take care of your teeth as much as you can, by brushing regularly and flossing when needed. Tooth decay prevention requires a diet and lifestyle change as a consistent measure. From chewing gum to drinking coffee, our teeth may need a little more than just brushing every once in a while. Teeth whitening strips [...]

Does Whitening Damage Teeth?2022-05-03T17:29:42+00:00

What Will Dissolve Tartar on Teeth?


Your smile is the first thing people notice when you greet them. So, you do your best to take care of your teeth by brushing regularly and paying close attention to signs that you need routine teeth cleaning. Tartar build-up happens over time, and can easily accumulate without much notice. We sip our coffees and [...]

What Will Dissolve Tartar on Teeth?2022-04-01T15:34:06+00:00

How Urgent is a Tooth Infection?


Lets face it: tooth related issues are the worst. Even though the mouth is the quickest healing place of your entire body, it can also be the most annoying and uncomfortable place to get a laceration. The mouth is the first place that digestion and wound healing takes place in the body. But, what do [...]

How Urgent is a Tooth Infection?2022-03-02T19:08:30+00:00

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?


How Long Do Dental Fillings Last? Dental fillings have been around for over 50 years. It’s a way to fill a decaying hole (cavity) in your tooth and to prevent further damage. But as beneficial as they can be, fillings still make most people cringe. Luckily, with the scientific knowledge that has evolved over the [...]

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?2022-02-14T18:30:09+00:00

How Long Should I Rest after a Molar Extraction?


Any kind of dental work outside of a general cleaning can seem anxiety-provoking. Especially ones which require surgical methods, like tooth extractions. But getting a tooth extracted is more common nowadays than in years past. The procedures and processes involved are far more advanced than even 10 to 15 years ago for molar extraction. Every [...]

How Long Should I Rest after a Molar Extraction?2022-01-21T19:18:07+00:00

What is the best age for dental implants?


What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that act just like natural teeth. A common reason to have dental implants is a broken or missing tooth, which can happen as we age, or by an accident. Dental implants serve an ideal purpose by restoring confidence in yourself, improving appearance and speech, preventing [...]

What is the best age for dental implants?2021-12-29T22:33:57+00:00

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Bridges


Dentistry has come a long way in the last 50 years. Gone are the days of ill-fitting dentures and other treatment options that didn’t offer ideal outcomes. These days, dental providers have a whole tool box of tricks that can help to restore your smile like dental bridges.  What to know about dental bridges A [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Bridges2021-11-12T13:31:37+00:00

Signs It’s Time for a Teeth Cleaning


Good oral health gives rise to good overall health and regular visits for teeth cleanings are important. Regular cleanings keep your smile healthy and help to control the bacteria living in your mouth. And the really good news is that if you carry dental insurance, regular cleanings are usually fully covered meaning little to no [...]

Signs It’s Time for a Teeth Cleaning2021-10-04T17:59:47+00:00

Ways to Get a Smile Makeover


Could your smile use a little bit of tender, loving care? You might be surprised just how easy it is to get a refresh for your mouth full of pearly whites. If you’re looking for a smile makeover, consider these services provided by a trusted neighborhood dentist that will leave you speechless.  Consider a smile [...]

Ways to Get a Smile Makeover2021-09-01T18:00:31+00:00
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